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Anna Wintour Cancels Miley Cyrus Vogue Magazine Cover Following VMAs Performance!



Did Anna Wintour cancel an upcoming Vogue issue with pop star Miley Cyrus on the cover? That’s the word around town.

Recent reports suggest that after Miley’s controversial VMA’s performance in late August, Wintour decided to axe the magazine spread. The Vogue editor-in-chief believes Miley’s twerking session during her performance with Robin Thicke was distasteful and Cyrus just isn’t the “right” person she’d like to be featured on the prestigious fashion magazine.

The issue was slated for a December release and may never see the light of day according to the UK’s Daily Mail.

And while Anna is too busy watching models strut down the catwalk during New York’s Fashion Week, unfortunately, all the chatter cannot be confirmed.

A spokesperson from the magazine also refused to comment on the rumor. Interesting, but we have a feeling Miley will be just fine. Give her a few more years to redeam herself and we’re sure she’ll eventually make the cut.

And just how does Miley feel about this? Following VMAs performance controversy the singer told MTV, “People are over-thinking it.”

We wonder how she feels now considering she’s just lost a cover on thee fashion bible?

We’ll keep you all posted.

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  • Rihanna lost her first Vogue cover when Chris leaked those nude pictures of her after they split following the beatdown. She went on to have two covers. Something tells me Miley will land on her feet.