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Khloe Kardashian Can’t Find Husband Lamar Odom & Cotten Kandi Weblinks



Khloe Kardashian HAs No Idea Where Husband Lamar Odom Is – Im Not Obsessed

Lamar Odom May Reveal Kardashian Family Secrets In Tell-All – Diva Artist

NBA Player, J.R. Smith, Suspended For Failing Drug Test – Tattle Tailzz

Kanye West Announces Tour Dates With Kendrick Lamar – Gumbumper

Jay & Beyonce Splash In Meditteraneaon Sea For Singer’s Birthday – Twana Tells


About Author

  • Is she really looking for him? Right now the family is trying to decide if Khloe needs Lamar to maintain her fame.

  • All this that happened is really sad.

  • Sarah

    Their divorce announcement is coming any day now.

  • yazmar

    THis lamar thing isn’t going to end well

  • DivaWhispers

    I think we need to stay out of it…I believe the media is making Lamar worse

  • Poor Khloe!

  • twanatells

    I think it might be time for Khloe to let the relationship go

  • KiaSoto

    yes i think he dumped u cuz yall made him appear to be on drugs but i dont believe it