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Acquitted Murderer George Zimmerman’s Wife Files Divorce Papers!



George Zimmerman may have been acquitted in the Trayvon Martin murder trial two months ago but it doesn’t mean his life isn’t starting to unravel.

Following his acquittal and a guilty plea for committing perjury in his case, wife, Shellie Zimmerman, filed for a divorce.

On Thursday Shellie’s attorney, Kelly Sims, the Associated Press that her client feels “disappointment,” in her marriage and as a result has chosen to dissolve the relationship.

In fact, the couple have been separated since August 16th, reports TMZ.

We probably shouldn’t be very surprised, however. It was just last week, during her interview with ABC news, that Mrs. Zimmerman revealed considering ending her marriage. She says she and George had been having problems before Trayvon Martin’s murder trial and was upset her husband hadn’t been at her side during her perjury hearing. She received one year of probation and 100 hours of community service for the misdemeanor.

What are your thoughts CK readers, karma perhaps?

Are you surprised Mrs. Zimmerman is now considering divorce?


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