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Jennifer Lopez Return As An ‘American Idol’ Judge, Do We Care?!



Jennifer Lopez has decided to make a return to the ‘American Idol’ judging panel. Do you care?

Chances are, you don’t. And, quite frankly, we get it.

‘American Idol’ may have reached its fullest potential. However, producers of the popular music competition show insist it can be saved. Perhaps they haven’t learned from last season’s disappointing decline in viewership. Even with the recruitment of “drama-queens” Marey Carey and Nicki Minaj, the show still failed to bring in those huge ratings.

Well, now they’re hoping to recapture the spark by bringing back JLo and the only remaining judge, from last season, country singer Keith Urban. Odd pair wouldn’t you say?

But the producers may have been very strategic in their decision and why they wanted to bring the bootylicious latin singer back. She’s easy on the eyes!

Makes sense doesn’t it? The show’s viewership has dwindled but people will be sure to tune in just to see JLo’s weekly style and possible wardrobe malfunctions — which may equate to a very hefty paycheck.

But will JLo be enough to bring in the ratings?

We shall see.

CK readers, what are your thoughts. Was it a good idea to bring JLo back to ‘American Idol’?


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