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Tamar Braxton Talks Baby Weight, New Music & Miley Cyrus Twerking



During a recent interview, Tamar Braxton opens up about her life and music while promoting her solo debut, ‘Love & War’, in the city of Detroit.

The reality star and singer spoke with celebrity Blogger, Twana Tells, on her weight gain while pregnant with son Logan, her relationship with husband Vince Herbert, how she feels about Miley Cyrus twerking, her VMAs performance and much more.

On her weight-loss secret after having her son Logan:
Well I broke up with food permanently. When I was pregnant I ate everything because I am a foodie anyway. But before I was pregnant I was addicted to spinning and that is how I was able to keep my foodie addiction away from people. But I had to stop eating everything I was eating but I’ll be back.

On if she gained a lot of weight during her pregnancy:
Yes I did! I gave birth at 205 pounds. But I developed preeclampsia, that’s when your blood pressure is out of control and your body swells so most of that was fluid.

On how she keeps her relationship going strong with her husband Vince:
We get to that point sometime just like every other couple. But you know how you’re in a relationship and you love that person but you don’t like them? I loooooove dude! He’s my buddy, he’s my friend, and we can talk about anything. He really is my rib….

On listening to her husband and taking his advise when he told her not to be in a rush to release her album “Love & War”:
I am happy because right smack in the middle of me finishing my album I changed my record label. And had that not happened it probably would have got lost in the sauce and ain’t nobody got time for that! My record is way to dope for that to happen. I am glad that I listen to Vince because he knows what he’s doing plus it’s not like I met him at the car wash and he became my manager he has been in this industry longer than I have.

On if she felt any pressure on releasing her 2nd and 3rd single after her first single Love & War was so successful:
I didn’t feel any pressure, I’m not a chart watcher and I didn’t want to get caught up. I’m caught up in the records, I’m caught up with how my songs make me feel and I love every single song on my album and no matter how many units it sell or how many singles it sell I don’t care about that. I just want people to feel good and relate to everything I relate to because I am a real woman at the end of the day.

On Miley Cyrus performance at the VMA’s
Miley Cyrus to me is trying to figure it out and we are going to keep her at the top of the prayer list. Although I do think she can sing her face off, she can really really sing.

On certain people coming for her on twitter (most recently K. Michelle & Joseline Hernandez)
Well it’s a lot of people on twitter that I haven’t even met so I treat them just like the regular twitter people who is not in the public eye, I block you! And some of them been block for over a year now.

For the full interview head over to Twana Tells.


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