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Ciara Covers Paper Magazine, Says She Feels Normal & Safe With Boyfriend Future



Ciara graces cover for the new July 2013 issues of Paper magazine and she couldn’t be more stunning! The singer, much more open than previous interviews, speaks about her relationship with rapper, Future, her career, growth and what her future holds.

Check out a bit of that interview when you continue reading.

“He’s very understanding,” she says of her boyfriend and rapper Future, “and he’s my best friend. It’s important to have a feeling that you can talk about anything and know a person’s going to be there and support you. When we’re together, it’s not about who we are. I feel very normal, very safe and loved.”

“Being able to speak about it is a whole different thing for me,” she goes on. “I’m not thinking or caring too much about what anybody has to say anymore. Once you start over-thinking and worrying, you start getting close to insanity. I want my sanity and a life and happiness.” (It’s partly for that reason that Ciara won’t crank out bitter songs about ex-lovers. “It’ll come to light,” she says. “Whatever energy a person gives you, they’ll have to deal with that. I’m not necessarily going to be so direct in a song.”)


Of her talents and becoming an entertainer Ciara says, “I wasn’t trained to sing and dance but I knew I had something special and decided to explore it. I’ve been growing in front of the world, and I want to keep growing.”

And on her dad helping her to hone her skills she says, “He taught me some of my moves,” Ciara beams. “Some mean footwork!”

But Ciara didn’t always have her sights set on becoming a performer. She actually wanted to model initially but music kept calling. “I was young,” remembers Ciara, “and wondered, ‘What do I want to say to the world for the first time?’ Every other song was about, ‘Money makes the world go round.’ But it has to take more than that.”


On becoming a woman and comfortable in her sexuality, “Every girl loves to dig in and pull out their inner sexuality,” the singer declares, “but I don’t believe you have to force it.”

What does her future hold? She says, “…I feel like my journey’s just beginning. On this journey, there’s much I haven’t done. I still feel like a little kid. I still have my youthful energy and spirit. I’m super excited by my future.”


Head over to Paper Mag for the full spread, interview and more photos.


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  • DivaWhispers

    Ciara is really coming into her own…love it

  • She looks good. Pity about the album sales.

  • KiaSoto

    she looks good i agree with nicola