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Has Miley Cyrus Gone Too Far?! Let’s Review Her Infamous VMAs Performance!



If you all watched Sunday night’s MTV Video Music Awards you were probably just as stunned as we were to witness the final death of Hannah Montana and the official debut of Miley Cyrus the twerking queen.

First here’s a question for Miley. Why?!

We’re not sure what artistic influence Miley sought out to inspire her recent fetish with teddy bears and acting strange but we’d like her to stop it now, please.

We’re convinced today’s pop star’s are so eager to be different that they end up looking crazy.

We get it, you dear to be different and unique. But to the rest of us “normal” folks you’re all overly sex-ified and perhaps on drugs.

Stop it!

Now back to Miley. What the hell was Miley on when she took to the stage at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards? Did she pop a Molly?

And twerking on Robin Thicke? Really?

Caption this!


Where the hell was Robin’s wife, Paula Patton, when this was going on? We have some relevant questions. Isn’t Miley young enough to be Robin’s daughter?

And here’s our question for Robin Thicke. Why?!!!

Now back to Miley, has she gone too far.

Yes! Yes, she has.

Please give twerking back to the twerking Gods. We’re sure even they’re disgusted..

And, let’s be clear, you’re not Madonna!

We’ve only got room for one self expressive bad ass pop icon. Thanks!

This is just weird.

Haven’t had enough of Miley twerking just yet? Head over to The Gossip Wrap Up to check out some very funny gifs of Miley twerking to some famous artwork. You’ll see what we mean…

And for those who are wondering, here’s what you may have missed when Miley and Robin took to the VMAs stage. Watch at your own risk.



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  • yazmar

    Miley ain’t shit!! Her performance last night proves how she’s helped to corrups the youth.

  • ★Javier__Duhhh★

    OMG there was so many things wrong the performance Miley smacking that woman on the butt? Playing with the foam finger like she had a penis? Her twerking on Robin to me seemed rehearsed it was probably to just get some attention.

  • Gumbumper

    Miley needs to have a sit

  • It was horrid and she sounded horrible. She ruined Blurred Lines.

  • MrsGrapevine

    Race to the bottom. Hollywood needs a spiritual make over. Someone needs to hit “reverse”.

  • HollywoodHiccups

    It was horrible and desperate!!

  • She needs to sit her lil butt down.