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Angela Simmons Rocks New Grill: Love it or Hate it?



Angela Simmons, now new co-host of 106 and Park, is known for her sweet and sophisticated look. Early Wednesday morning, she posted a picture of herself sporting a blinged out heart grill made by celebrity jeweler Dave Bling, and some of her fans are not liking it.

Reading through the comments, some people feel that she is trying too hard since she is now on 106 and Park and others even told her she is starting to become a bad influence.

I also spotted Bow Wow commenting, saying, “She do err thang i do. Haha.” And Angela replied, “lol ! Stop!!! Ha!”

Now, I have no idea how people got this from just one picture, but like always, people are going to talk. I actually like them. They aren’t permanent and I feel like it is just an accessory. Angela is a young woman and she has the right to spend her money on whatever she wants. How do you feel about the grill? Love it or Hate it?

(Photo Credit: [email protected])

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