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B2K Singer No Longer On Life Support Following Nightclub Brawl



Good news for former B2K singer Raz B. After being attacked last Thursday with a glass bottle, to the face, at a China nightclub, the singer has been taken off life support.

We previously reported that following the attack the singer was treated at a local hospital, in China, for a gush over his mouth.

Raz was then released and went home to recover. Unfortunately, he was none responsive the very next day and was rushed to the emergency room where he was placed on life support and a ventilator to help him breathe.

It seems, now, the singer has made much improvement and is responding well to medical treatment.

TMZ reports that the singer “came out of his life-threatening coma Sunday at a hospital in China. We’re told he is stable, breathing on his own, smiling and responsive … but has not yet been released from the hospital. He’s staying a few more days to be monitored.”

We hope the singer makes a full recovery.


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