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Chris Brown Has Seizure & Refuses Medical Attention, Blames Media!



Ha! Well, this is a first. Friday morning news broke that Chris Brown had had a seizure and paramedics were rushed to the singer’s LA studio only to be turned away.

Immediately fans and foes wondered if the singer was alright and dished reasons they all thought the singer suffered a seizure — including speculation he’s on drugs.

But Chris Brown has come out with his own reasons for these seizure. Get this, he blames all you meanies out there. He says he’s stressed out about all the media backlash and legal issues he’s faced these last few years.

A rep released this statement, “intense fatigue and extreme emotional stress, both due to the continued onslaught of unfounded legal matters and the nonstop negativity.”

The rep also confirmed the seizure was non-epileptic.

And just hours ago the singer tweeted, “They won’t love u until u r a memory…”

This isn’t the first time the singer has blamed the media for his problems. It was just days ago that he announced his desire to quit the music industry due to the continued media scrutiny and backlash from his past mistakes.

Ohhhhh Chris you still don’t get it poor child. Perhaps you should stop responding to the negativity. We wish you well….


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  • Twana Tells

    Chris Brown needs to go to Rehab

  • Annemarie

    Most likely he was on drugs, did not want to get caught.. he was terrified to get his parole revoked. He needs help!

  • Ciera Chantál

    I really wish he would get the help he needs.

  • TractHer TrailHer (@TrctHerTrailHer)

    At this point I’m just sick of him period!

  • Twana Tells

    I really hope Chris isn’t on drugs.

  • Janelle

    Did no one edit this blog before posting?