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Author Spotlight: “Linguistic Gravity” By Leonora Martelly



Are you looking for a good read this summer? We recommend “Linguistic Gravity” by poet and radio personality Leonora Martelly.

The book, only 24 pages long, was inspired by the authors trials and tribulations in her life. It is the story of a hopeless romantic and her journey along the way as she described it.

Of her first publication Martelly expresses, “‘People tend to not recognize the force and power behind “words”. Thus I call my first publication “Linguisitc Gravity”‘”.

Join her along her linguistic journey. You may purchase a copy at Amazon for just $8.54.

You can also catch the author on her weekly radio show at Penthouse Radio, every Sunday from 7-9pm. “Lelo” along with her co-host “Jessie Rae” discuss the latest in celebrity entertainment, music and dating in the city.


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