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Chaka Khan Leaves Rehab After Incident With Lindsay Lohan!



Who knew Chaka Khan was even in rehab? Did you? Perhaps we were under a rock when this happened but the music icon has secretly battled prescription medication for years.

In fact, we’ve now learned, Chaka was previously addicted to cocaine and was able to wean off the substance only to replace it with prescription medication.

But what’s more interesting, Chaka not only decided to leave the facility she recently checked into, she did so after getting into ab altercation with none other than troubled actress Lindsay Lohan. Apparently the two “addicts” were staying at the same facility.

An insider tells Radar Online, ‘Lindsay was just doing stupid stuff for attention, so Chaka told her she was childish and told her to grow up. She never lost it, but started yelling at Lindsay. Told her to knock it off, asking her if she came to rehab to get well, or just to p*** around.’ It seems like after Chaka confronted Lindsay it made things worse for her. The pair apparently couldn’t bear to be near each other, and the source claimed Chaka told other patients she ‘hated’ Lindsay. ‘Chaka was so annoyed with Lindsay. It got so bad that she refused to get in the same car with her or go to the same meetings with Lindsay…So Cliffside had to change everything up schedule wise so the two were never together.’ But that still didn’t work, Chaka packed up and left anyway…

Head over to Yazmar to continue reading on what really took place between the two ladies.

This is so very unfortunate.


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