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Royce Reed Blasts Dwight Howard For Neglecting Their Son



Former reality star, Royce Reed, and father of her child, NBA player Dwight Howard, are at odds again.

Like much of their past disputes, this one involves their 6 year old son Braylon Howard.

Reed is accusing the athlete of putting their son in danger by not giving him his meds . She says Howard has failed to refill their son’s prescription for an undisclosed medical condition that may be putting his life in danger.

Reed recently went to court for an emergency hearing on the matter and also claims Howard wouldn’t let her speak with their son after visiting him in California.

In fact, the athlete’s parents were the ones to contact her to let her know their son was actually with them in Colorado.

She wants the courts to force Howard to stay atop their son’s illness and inform her of his whereabouts at all times.

A court hearing has not been set.

It’s unfortunate these two cannot be amicable for the sake of their child. We wish them the best.


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  • MrsGrapevine

    These two really need to stop it. Besides Dwight has how many children and baby-mamas. I’m sure he could use some peace in this one relationship.