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‘House Party 5’: Tonight’s The Night DVD Giveaway Contest!


‘House Party’ is back! Remember the movie that started it all? A teenagers inspiration for throwing a big out bash while their parents were out of town? You’re in luck because we are giving our readers a chance to win a DVD of the new movie, ‘House Party 5: Tonight’s the night’.

This time around, two high school rappers, whose goal is to make great music and score dates with hot girls, come up with an idea to throw the biggest and best house party ever to attract the ladies.

Please tell us your crazy house party story in our comments section and send your mailing address to [email protected] for a chance to be chosen and win a ‘House Party 5’ dvd.

Please make sure to follow us on Twitter: @cottenkandi, tweet us and use the hashtag #HouseParty5.

The winner will be announced on our weekly radio show, “Spilling Tea”, this Wednesday July 31st at 9pm. Please be tuned in to the show via blogtalkradio.com/spillingtea this Wednesday to hear the announcement and to call in via 646 929 2058 to retrieve your prize.

Check out the cool ‘House Party 5’ App below and movie trailer.
Play around with our ‘House Party 5’ Soundboard blog app. How may GIFS will you be able to get? are you able to get?



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