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Actor Colombus Short Writes Open Letter About Race Following Trayvon Martin Not Guilty Verdict!



In the wake of Trayvon Martin murder trial against neighborhood watchmen George Zimmerman and the not guilty verdict announcement, the ruling has been met with shock and a movement across the country to organize rallies and protests against the “Stand Your Ground” laws. Laws, many feel protected Zimmerman and used in his argument for shooting the unarmed teen in late February 2012.

‘Scandal’ actor Colombus Short is also stepping forward allowing his voice to be heard. In an open letter, the actor addresses his own thoughts on the matter in relation to race and how he feels we should move forth n the African American community.

A Letter to the Broken Hearted 

As I have sat and listened to debate after debate, in depth analysis and tempered opinions on “The Verdict” I couldn’t help but feel helpless, frustrated, hurt and yes, angry. As I plummet into the labyrinth of my mind in search of answers, solutions, or a way I could help subdue the burning desire for things to change, my only recourse was to start writing.

Presume we step back and take pause for a moment. Pause to take a cultural and personal inventory on where we have come as a people. As oppose to being blinded by the present emotional and economical condition of our nation, our community. What if we begin by acknowledging some of the triumphs, rather than becoming consumed solely by the injustice? I ask these questions for one reason being, that if I reflect and remember just how far we’ve come, instead of sitting and stewing over what has happened, I am now ensuring that I am not going to allow this “Decision” to stifle me as a human being nor as a black man in America.

It may seem quite pretentious and easy to hear coming from my heart. However, I assure you I experience the same profiling and discrimination daily regardless of what I happen to do for a living. We must recognize that if we allow this particular ‘lost battle’ in the continuing war, that is ‘Race In America,’ to take us backwards, we will be backtracking and negating the progress that we have already made to date.

Suppose we chose today to adopt a spirit of gratitude? Gratitude of what our predecessors marched for and died for, in order to allow us to even be where we are today. Without the blood shed of those who fought in this War long before us, it would not be possible for me to do what I do. Without those blistered hands and feet it wouldn’t be possible for a Black Woman to be the lead of a television series on network tv. Without those afraid, yet valiant, warriors, Oprah wouldn’t be one the wealthiest business icons in the world. Tyler Perry wouldn’t have been able to go from homelessness, to providing jobs for a multitude of unrecognized actors and actresses. Men like Steve Stout, who is an author, entrepreneur, former record executive and philanthropist, would have been only but a futile dream. Women like Melody Hudson would have never been accepted into Princeton, let alone graduate to become the President of Ariel Investments, LLC. A Chicago investment firm that manages over $3 billion in assets and one of the largest African American-owned money management and mutual fund companies in the United States. Oh yea and happens to be the wife of George Lucas, or should I say George Lucas is the husband of Melody Hudson.  

Please head over Tattle Tailzz to read the remainder of this letter.

Well said Mr. Short, well said!


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  • Twana Tells

    I’m glad that people are actually trying to take a stand to this unruly verdict.

  • kia soto

    i tried to comment on that dope jumper love it

  • Spilldabeanz.com

    That’s deep! Love it…love how everyones trying to make a difference!

  • yazmar

    nice letter