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Jay Z & Beyonce Attend Trayvon Martin Rally In NYC (Photos)


Jay_Z_Beyonce_Trayvon_Martin_Rally_NYCJay Z and Beyonce was among the thousands who came out, on Saturday, to show their support of Trayvon Martin and his family. The rally was in honor of the late teen who was shot by neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman, found not guilty of the crime.

The crowd were filled with protestors of “Stand Your Ground” laws which allowed Zimmerman to claim self defense as his reason for shooting the unarmed teen.

The couple joined Reverend Al Sharpton and Trayvon’s mom Sybrina Fulton (pictured above) to show their support of the fight for justice. Of their support the Reverend released this statement, to the crowd, on behalf of the stars.

“Jay-Z and Beyonce said they didn’t want to speak and they didn’t come for a photo op,” Sharpton said, according to reports. “Jay-Z told me, ‘I’m a father. Beyoncé is a mother.’ We all feel the pain and apprehension – the laws must protect everybody, or it doesn’t protect anybody … We do not come from hate, we come from love of children.”

Jay_Z_Beyonce_Trayvon_Martin_NYC_RallyThe couple photoed again with the late teen’s parents, Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, and brother Jahvaris Fulton.

Jay_Z_Beyonce_Trayvon_Martin_Family_NYC_RallyThe singer also posted the below photo with the caption, “ActNow4Trayvon”



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