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Kerry Washington Speaks For First Time Since Secretly Getting Married



Since the announcement ‘Scandal’ star Kerry Washington secretly married NFL player, Nnamdi Asomugha, in early July, the actress has been noticeably absent from the spotlight and any social media interactions.

However, Washington broke her Twitter hiatus to inform her fans that she is taking a much needed break and is currently on vacation.

Although we can all assume this vacation may also coincidence with a honeymoon, the actress finally broke her silence this week to announce, “Twitter hiatus was important and good… but I love being back on here with you guys. #BestFansEver XOXOXOXOXO

“So… I just wanna say: its great being back & I LOVE reading all your tweets but…FYI I still dont talk about my personal life on here”

She then added, “I seriously ❤ you guyz!”

Washington also sent out a few tweets to fan thanking them for some recent award nominations and accomplishments for her role in ‘Scandal’, including her recent win at the BET Awards.

And the actress has one more reason to celebrate. Her role on ‘Scandal’ has landed her a few Emmy nominations. Upon hearing the news she again tweeted, “Just landed. WOW! Im so grateful &humbled. THX 4 all your CONGRATS! YAY 4 @danbucatinsky (who plays “James” her Scandal cast mate) Cant wait 2 hug #Scandal fam at todays table read”

Congratulations Kerry you are so deserving!


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  • kia soto

    go girl not what i was expecting but she is keeping her bzness private and i love it

  • NicolaGossips

    I do like that she keeps her biz private, but who is she fooling? The same day her Vanity Fair cover comes out, it’s leaked that she got married two weeks before? I love Kerry, she’s slick.

  • CosmoBeauty

    Private my ass! How are you gonna be a public figure and a private person at the same time. Kerry is delusional if she thinks people believe that bullshit, and folks are delusional if they go along with her crazy ass. I see she went back black, too bad she got hitched with a man who was already taken. If true Ms Washington, the same way you got him, is the same way you’ll lose him.