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Emma Roberts Arrested Following Domestic Violence Dispute!



Some very shocking news this morning. We’ve just learned Emma Roberts was arrested earlier this month for domestic violence attack on boyfriend Evan Peters.

The actress, and niece to Julia Roberts, was arrested at a Montreal hotel when the couple were overheard having a spat in their hotel room and called the cops.

Once cops arrived, they noticed Peters’ bloody nose and a bite mark, which lead cops to believe Roberts had been the aggressor. She was released just hours later when Peters refused to press charges.

The couple, who’ve dated since 2012, have since reconciled.

Who knew the girl next door could be so bad! We wonder what aunty Julia would say….


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  • DivaWhispers

    Unfortunately men can bring out the worst in us…smh

  • monkeysuit

    That is awesome. I bet she’s awesome in bed!