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50 Cent Is Or Isn’t The Child’s Father?!



Is 50 Cent the father or not?! Remember the domestic violence dispute, we reported on earlier this month? The woman in question is said to be the rapper’s ex-girlfriend Daphne Joy. Joy allegedly gave birth to a child who is believed to be that of the rapper. However, TMZ was able to get their hands on the child’s birth certificate and we’ve now learned some new details about the child and the case.

According to the site, the birth certificate reveals that, “shows Daphne is the mom — but it doesn’t list a father. The daddy field is blank, which means one of two things … A) Daphne didn’t know who the dad was, or B) she didn’t want to say. But all clues still point to 50 being the dad — namely, the child’s last name is listed as Jackson … as in Curtis Jackson, aka 50 Cent.”

At the moment 50 nor ex-girlfriend Daphne Joy have confirmed or denied they had a child together. However the L.A. City Attorney’s office notes the domestic dispute being between the two who had a “child in common,” whatever that means.

50 does, however, have a child on record. A 16 year old son with ex-girlfriend Shaniqua Tompkins. The same 16 year old he verbally assaulted via text message — which leaked online a couple weeks back.

We’ll keep you posted on how this story unfolds.


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