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Tyrese Announces Retirement As A Solo Artist With ‘Black Rose’ Album!



Tyrese Gibson has just announced ‘Black Rose’ will be his final solo project. Although the singer has gone on to become a blockbuster actor in films like ‘Baby Boy’ and the ‘Transformers’ and “The Fast & Furious” movie franchises, it was music that gave him his start in the entertainment industry.

Here’s what the singer posted on his official Twitter and Instagram profiles.



So why leave? Perhaps the singer thinks it is just time for something new. Although he will still manage and serve as mentor to artists under his own label, Voltron Recordz, he will no longer release music as Tyrese the solo artist.

Black Ty has however teamed up with fellow singers, Tank and Ginuwine to form R&B group ‘TGT’. That would be Tyrese, Ginuwine and Tank in case you were still wondering. The trio have actually been touring the states in their Three Kings tour, giving the ladies that R&B sound from three handsome men, we’re sure the ladies are delighted.

Here are the men posing in one of their promo shoots for their tour.


Also, here’s one of the firt artworks for Ty’s upcoming and final solo project. We look forward to hearing it.


We’re sure Tyrese will go on to do some great things in his acting career. We also wouldn’t rule out a musical comeback but as for now, Tyrese, the solo act is retiring.

CK readers, what are your thoughts. Should Ty retire as a solo act?


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  • Meiqua

    Well he has made some great music. I love him as an actor better anyway!

  • Twana Tells

    Don’t leave Tyrese we gone miss you!

  • yazmar

    He’s made some jams, but who cares

  • Tahirah

    He’s suppose to be doing a Teddy Pentegrass biopic at some point right? I saw the “Unsung” episode, I hope it’s still in the works. Maybe he’ll be on the soundtrack

  • JJW

    Definately no! Tyrese stay in the game homie!!