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Trayvon Martin’s Parents Release Statements Following Not Guilty Verdict & Celebrity Tweets!


Trayvon Martin parents tweets response Zimmerman not guilty verdict

Following the announcement of George Zimmerman‘s not guilty verdict in the Trayvon Martin murder trial, Saturday night, Trayvon’s parents Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton took to Twitter to release their first official statements since the reading.

It was Trayvon’s dad who spoke first…


Trayvon’s mother also tweeted a message simply adding, “Lord during my darkest hour I lean on you. You are all that I have. At the end of the day, GOD is still in control. Thank you all for your prayers and support. I will love you forever Trayvon!!! In the name of Jesus!!!”

Celebrities also took to the social networking site to share their own thoughts on the not guilty verdict reading. Here are some of what several celebrities had to say:

Russell Simmons: “I know many people are very upset about the verdict, but we must remain peaceful. No matter what, remain peaceful.”

“Today let your breath be your soundtrack. This is “moving meditation.” Smile and breathe in every pose.”

“Prayers for the Martin family. … Only God knows what was on Zimmerman mind but the gun laws and stand your ground laws must change.”

“If u have any anger this evening, put that energy into challenging these horrible laws that allow overly-anxious neighborhood watchmen to carry guns and shoot innocent people.”

“This is not “only” about race. This is about laws that allow racist acts to go unpunished. We must change laws that promote injustice”

Rihanna: “This is the saddest news ever!!! #whatsjustice #pray4theMartinFamily.

“Only in America! #TrayvonMartin. A system cannot fail those it was never built to protect” #JudicialFail.

“A child was gunned down for no reason! And nothing about that sounds like murder? My baby brother is 17, this rocked my whole shit! #thesystemisandhasalwaysbeenphucked”

Katy Perry: “What do we stand for? How are we America, united… the beautiful? We should take a long look in the mirror, we need REAL change.”

Nicki Minaj: “What are your thoughts? @BarackObama We’re allowed to disregard 911 operators, pursue and kill ppl now? But send lauryn hill to jail 4 TAXES”

“May God console the Martins at this time; as well as every other family that’s gone through this type of injustice.”

Kelly Rowland: “#Disappointed literally in tears right now, over the way a KILLER was found not guilty!!? KeepingTrayvon’s family in my prayers! In shock!”

Jennifer Hudson: “I can’t help but think of what my mama use to say ” If u think u seen it all just keep on living”

Lil Wayne: “Tampa was amazing but kame bak to my bus and saw da news…ain’t shit change, and I may never get to see it do so. I pray 4my kids & yours.”

Gabrielle Union: “My heart… My soul is… #nowords”

Dawn Richard: “Praying for Trayvon’s family in this time of sorrow. This speaks volumes about our society and where we are in this time. Wow”

Angela Simmons: “My Prayers and heart with trayvon family. Wow!”

Megan Good: “I don’t want to add to the hate and arguments -by emotional unthought out outburst to all the heart breaking things that are transpiring .. my Hope Is in God .. My Prayer is That he will give us all wisdom on how to do our part in Love .. Discernment on how to believe …Healing, from what Man has done ,., and above all that Love will find its way and blot out the hate and rage.. That something will be different .. That we wont allow anything to be in vain ..And that we’ll stand together .. Not race against race .. But as a “one” unified people that won’t stand for any injustice”

LaLa Anthony: “Speechless…All I can do is pray and weep for @SybrinaFulton and the Martin Family…walk by Faith not by sight. #GodisinControl #sosad”

“Opened my eyes with you in my heart. All we can do is have faith in God. Not in a court system, not in a jury, not in a judge, not in state laws. I’m putting my trust in God, that’s where I feel safe and protected. Trayvon, may you rest in heaven for now, forever, for always. We love you.”

Octavia Spencer: “Stop saying the system needs 2 change and JUST CHANGE IT, ppl. YOUR vote matters.Midterm elections! Show up for TrayvonMartin & OscarGrant”

Kenya Moore: I’m sick to my stomach. This is so sad so unfair so unjust. No one should be acquitted for killing a child after following them around. RIP Trayvon. I’m so sorry we failed you. We send all our love and prayers to your family. We know you will watch over them in heaven.

Tami Roman: “Keep your head and heart to the sky. Don’t feed negativity&continue to pray for the many injustices occurring worldwide! #TrayvonMartin RIP”

Nick Cannon: “A man killed an unarmed child and got off? Saddest part about this whole deal is that Trayvon’s parents will never see their son again.”

Ciara: “Whenever Some One Has Done Wrong, They Will Have To Face It. No Matter What. God Will Handle It. For There Is No Power Greater Than His.”

Keri Hilson: “I have no words for the verdict. But I know God is in charge. No words.”

Chris Brown: “Bullsh*t!”

“This sh*t crazy”


Sean Kingston: “The justice system is the DEVIL ITS SELF…#TrayvonMartingonebutwilllivewithusforever”

Whoopi Goldberg: “My heart is with trayvon martins family tonight,so my focus on them. No one else really matters”

Sherri Shepherd: “Going to pray & after I pray, I’m going 2 hug my son, who one day might go to the store in the rain in a hoodie-maybe it’ll be diff’t #jesus”

John Cusack: “unarmed teenagers have a right to public space – without owning armed citizens any explanation as to their equal right to the sidewalk”

Michael Moore: “Had a gun-toting Trayvon Martin stalked an unarmed George Zimmerman, and then shot him to death… DO I EVEN NEED TO COMPLETE THIS SENTENCE?”

“Trayvon was the 1 who’s life was being threatened–by a guy w/ a gun chasing after him! Trayvon had the RIGHT 2 do ANYTHING 2 defend himself”

Reverend Al Sharpton: On his official facebook page he wrote, ““The acquittal of George Zimmerman is a slap in the face to the American people but it is only the first round in the pursuit of justice. We intend to ask the Department of Justice to move forward as they did in the Rodney King case and we will closely monitor the civil case against Mr. Zimmerman. I will convene an emergency call with preachers tonight to discuss next steps and I intend to head to Florida in the next few days.”

The reverend also tweeted, “Real solders don’t leave the battlefield when they lose one battle. We must win the war.”


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    Tragic. Twitter and Facebook allows people to express their anger without actually doing anything. Genius.