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[Celebrities In Trouble] Justin Bieber Ruining His Career?



Justin Bieber has a lot to be happy about, right? He’s a 19 year old pop sensation whose rich and can probably have any girl in the world, and yet we think, he’s heading down the wrong path.

In the past 24 hours, Bieber has bashed former President Bill Clinton, his best friend, rapper Lil’ Twist, was arrested for speeding while driving one of his cars and now the pop star was just busted for underage drinking in a Chicago pub.

Sadly, all three reports are true and not fabricated.

Is  Bieber just trying to find himself or will join the list of celebs who burn out before their thirty and would have checked into rehab, at least, once?

Head over to The Gossip Wrap Up for all the latest on Justin-agate.


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  • Annemarie

    He is totally ruining his image, not sure about his career… People despise him now!