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Rihanna Refuses To Be Featured On Ex-Boyfriend Chris Brown’s New ‘X’ Album?



Although singer Chris Brown announced yesterday that among the roaster of artists to be featured on his upcoming ‘X’ album would be ex-girlfriend Rihanna, we’re not so sure Rihanna agrees.

Just hours ago Rihanna gave her 30 million plus Twitter follower her thoughts on the matter.

Here’s what she tweeted, “Phuck O.utta H.ere B.itch!!!,” with this attached photo.



Yup, you read that correctly. It’s clear these two had another bad break up.

If you look closely at that tweet the singer made sure to capitalize O.H.B. OHB is the crew of artists and friends Chris usually travels with.

We’re not sure if Rihanna has, in fact, decided to pull any collaborations she’s already done with her ex or if she has the power to but we’ll surely keep you all posted.


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