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Judge Dismisses Sexual Abuse Case Against Elmo Puppeteer Kevin Clash!



Good news for Kevin Clash. Sexual charges, by three accusers, against the Elmo Puppeteer have been dismissed by a federal judge, earlier today.

On Monday morning, a New York federal judge, Kevin Koeltl, threw out the lawsuits brought on by three men accusing Clash of sexually abusing them when they were under aged.

In the judge’s official ruling of the case, he notes, that a plaintiff has six years after the cause of action and three years after turning 21 years of age to file a claim against their abuser. In this case, none of the three alleged victims did such a thing.

According to NBC News, “…the judge ruled that the “plaintiffs were aware of sufficient facts immediately following their victimization by the defendant to state claims” sooner.

“They were aware of the facts that, while minors, the defendant had engaged in sexual activities with them in violation of one or more federal statutes,” Koeltl wrote. “The dates on which the plaintiffs connected their psychological injuries to their victimizations are irrelevant to the dates on which their claims accrued. … While the plaintiffs may not have recognized the extent of their injuries, they were aware of the defendant’s conduct towards them and could have brought claims.”

Although accuser, Cecil Singleton, was the first to file a lawsuit against Clash last November, a number of other accusers came forward just days apart. Accusations brought on by two other men, Kevin Kiadii and a Florida man whose name was kept confidential, were also thrown out today.

Twenty six year old Sheldon Stephens, another accuser, is awaiting his day in court while a fifth accuser, not named, dropped his lawsuit back in April.

Since new broke of the sexual abuse cases against Clash, he was forced to resign as the long-time Elmo puppeteer.

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  • Tahirah

    The allegations were a seed planted, hopefully he can find work somewhere.

  • Annemarie

    So it could be true, they just waited to long to file hmmm

  • Meiqua