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BET Discriminates Against Openly Gay Blogger At Annual Awards Show



Following Sunday night’s 2013 BET Awards, many were ready to discuss the red carpet fashions and arrivals, the performances and award show wins but, to our dismay, the network’s prejudice against popular celebrity Blogger, B. Scott, is what’s making headlines.

If you know anything about the popular and openly gay “femme” Blogger, then, you’ll know B. Scott, born Brian Scott Sessoms, is gay and proud. He’s also strikingly gorgeous and known for his flamboyant fashions.

But what brought on the controversy? The backlash erupted when BET associates demanded Scott to remove his makeup and heels he wore in order to wore to the award show ceremony. Although Scott had initially remained mum about the ordeal, he was visibly upset about something when he interviewed singer K. Michelle on the red carpet live. In fact, he asked her to sing a gospel song and in return belted out a few verses of “Amazing Grace”.

The above photo was taken of the Blogger following the removal of his makeup. He was also asked to not wear heels on the red carpet.

But it didn’t end there. Scott began tweeting about the ordeal. He began with, “Only God knows what I went through today and it’s going to stay that way,” before tweeting a link to an Instagram video where he’s seen visually upset about being asked to remove his makeup and heels.

He also retweeted several messages of love and support from fans before following up with a string of tweets expressing just how he felt about what had just happened to him.

He again tweeted, “I wasn’t going to say anything but my spirit is truly hurt.”

“I’m sorry if I let anybody down today, I tried my best and it wasn’t enough,” he continued.

And after more retweets of support he later added, “God knows my heart, what happened and at the end of day I would not even be here if it was not for his grace.”

“My TRUE saving grace was the Procter & Gamble consultant, who said: ‘We at P&G do not support what they are doing to you.'”

“No matter how things look, know that God is still in control. Stay in peace, knowing that He will always be with you.”

“I just want to say thank you to #mymimi, my sister, @MariahCarey for being a friend tonight. I needed it.”

As one fan of the blogger puts it, why would the network invite B. Scott to host the red carpet pre-show given his well known persona?

Very good question, right?

What are your thoughts. Was BET wrong for what they did to the Blogger?

Here’s a link to the Instagram video B made following the ordeal: “B. Scott’s Response To BET Diss!


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