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A Tearful & Apologetic Paula Deen Appears On The ‘Today Show’, Chef Loses More Endorsers!



Paula Deen is still on her publicity tour to reclaim whatever dignity she has left. The chef appeared on the ‘Today Show’, Wednesday morning, to once again apologize for her racial statements and mistreatment of a former employee. She reiterates that she’s not a racist and wants our forgiveness.

Unfortunately, Deen’s attempts are falling on deaf ears. She’s just lost several more lucrative endorsement deals, including a partnership with Walmart, since being fired from The Food Network. She’s also lost her endorsements with Ceasars, Los Vegas, closing a number of her restaurants and Home Depot has also decided to part ways with the former “southern bell” of southern cuisine.

Watch Deen’s poor PR attempt at doing damage control during her ‘Today Show’ appearance below.

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Do you think Deen will eventually be given another chance or is this is for the chef?


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