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Nelson Mandela Still Listed In Critical Condition In South African Hospital



South African President, Jacob Zuma, issued a statement, on Monday, informing the world that Nelson Mandela was still in critical condition at a hospital in Pretoria where he was admitted and being treated for a lung infection, over the weekend.

“Doctors are doing everything possible to ensure his well-being and comfort,” said Zuma at a news conference in the city of Johannesburg.

“Given the hour, he was already asleep. We were there, looked at him, saw him and then we had a bit of a discussion with the doctors and his wife,” Mr. Zuma added. “I don’t think I’m in a position to give further details. I’m not a doctor.”

Since last December the 94 year old civil rights icon and former South African president has battled the same pulmonary infection in which he was most recently hospitalized for back on June 8th. He’s been hospitalized a total of four times since then.

Mandela was last seen in the public eye back in July 2010 attending the World Cup soccer final in South Africa. We hope he makes a speedy recovery.

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