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Rasheeda Blasts Husband Kirk Frost on Instagram For Neglecting Son!


Rasheeda_LHHATL_PregnantRasheeda is just about tired of husband, Kirk Frost, and his neglectful ways. Since informing her husband of 12 years that she is pregnant with their second child, she has received nothing but resentment and attitude — something we’ve witness on “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” reality series.

Kirk feels his wife, intentionally got pregnant knowing they’ve already got their hands tied with a son, together, and several step kids from his previous relationships. Rasheeda, on the other hand, just feels her husband is running away from his responsibilities.

Today we witnessed much of the same when the rapper decided to blast her husband on Instagram. Rasheeda posted this below message.


The mom-to-be also posted this photo of herself and her husband recently noting, “#tbt The fun days w/ @frost117”


We hope these two aren’t on the verge of a divorce like rumored and will be able to work out their differences real soon.

What are your thoughts, should Rasheeda have blasted Kirk like she did on social media?


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  • Ciera Chantál

    Reality TV always breaking up homes…seesh.

  • Twana Tells

    They are really trying hard to fake some drama in their relationship to keep their spot on the show smh!

  • monkeysuit

    Well Instagram is clearly the place to air it out.

  • kia soto

    wack he is and she is for chasing him

  • NicolaGossips

    Why have a child with someone who doesn’t want it? Isn’t that a sure fire way for him to leave? Instagram/Twitter is not the place to air your relationship drama. She should have just text him that message.

  • MrsGrapevine

    How do your feel trapped by your wife?

  • 1truth

    TV, Money, etc. is no justification for being unfaithful(period) And being that they’re married, she should not be blasting her $0.02 on any social network. Let go & let God deal with Mr. Slick Kirk!! Rasheeda, God bless, stay prayed up & classy! “Self Control”

  • 1truth