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[“Spilling Tea” Radio Show Recap]: “I’m Angry At Being Called An Angry Black Woman”


Tracy of Gumbumper.com and Kia of TattleTailzz.com teamed up with myself, Ms. Toni, to kick off our second radio show premiere of “Spilling Tea”. For our show this week, we discussed the negative stereotype and belief that black women are angry and where we think that belief is derived from, whether true or not true. We also “spilled tea” during our “Spilling Tea Report” on this past week’s celebrity entertainment news and gossip and our thoughts on those topics.

Check out the show and audio above and remember to tune in next week, and every Wednesday at 9pm est, as we discuss “Women Being Submissive & Letting Men Be Men”. We’re sure that will be another great conversation.

You can always call in via (646) 929-2058 or just tune in by going to blogtalkradio.com/spillingtea

An please follow the blog at http://www.spillingtearadio.com and follow us on Twitter @spillingteashow

Thank you!


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