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Kanye’s New Album, “Yeezus,” Leaks Online



One of summer’s highly anticipated albums was leaked earlier today. Kanye West announced his new album, “Yeezus“, which was slated to be released on June 18th and has kept the album on a tight leash. But after a recent private listening party, a few days later and “Yeezus” was out for the world to hear. There are various reactions to the album, some slating it to be his best work while others think it’s complete garbage. We will let you be the judge.

Here is the link courtesy of

Listen to the entire album by going to fistintheair.com . Let us know what you think.

(Photo credit- fistintheair.com)


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  • NicolaGossips

    It’s brilliant.

  • Annemarie

    Ughh, I will pass on it!!!

  • Ciera Chantál

    I don’t even want to hear it…I hate the album title.

  • MrsGrapevine

    I think it’s both. I think it’s genius with a touch of garbage, and garbage with a touch of genius.

  • DivaWhispers

    pure genius!

  • kia soto

    i am still buying mine on tuesday

  • TractHer TrailHer (@TrctHerTrailHer)

    Well damn.. I know he’s not happy about that!

  • monkeysuit

    Its probably great but I hate him!