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Bow Wow Now The Only 106 & Park Host, BET Fires Co-Hosts?



Bow Wow is now the only host of ‘106 & Park’. Don’t believe us? Just ask the 26 year old rapper. Recently Bow shared the above photo with the caption, “Got my own TV show. A n***a like Ooooooohhhh yeeeah!!!!! And im the consultant of the show?! Im only 26 its gone get scary #106andpark”.

Perhaps the network heard all the criticism and back lashed they faced when they hired the rapper along with newbies, Shorty Da Prince, Paigon and Miss Mykie back in October. The foursome were announced as the new music countdown show hosts after the departure of Roxie Diaz and Terrance Jenkins.

But did Bow Wow, aka Mr. 106, get them fired? His photo and caption suggests he’s now a consultant to the show. That may indicate he didn’t want to share his co-hosting duties with his other three co-hosts, right?

In fact, in the last few weeks we’ve seen less of his co-hosts and more of appearances by reality TV personalities like Draya Michele and his ex-girlfriend Angela Simmons.

The network and show have made no official announcements of the changes however. Whatever happened, we wish them well.

Do you think Bow Wow should be the only remaining hosts or should the rapper get back to the music and acting duties?

We’d love to hear your opinion CK readers!


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  • Spilldabeanz.com

    I know dats right Bow!! They did have way too many people on there though!! Congrats Mr. 106&Park !

  • Ieasha Kyser

    Yes.I think bow wow should be the only host.Angela Simmons should be hosting with him.Thank you for taking the other 3 off they were boring.

  • Twana Tells

    I think Bow is being messy the network hasn’t made an announcement on what’s going on so what gives him the right to go on twitter say it’s his show

  • monkeysuit

    Wow he just took over, haa.

  • DivaWhispers

    Angela Simmons and Bow Wow reunite lol

  • skrill T dot

    Let me host it a real hood nigga

  • sayitaintso

    I think it’s bull crap really if bowwow is the only host alongside with Angela Simmons..don’t get me wrong I love Angela…and she’s just tryna get money.but on the other hand bowwow tryna make money by bringing the other coworkers down are bull.crap and he will get what he deserve which isn’t much hahahahaha

  • Moe

    Who did Bow Wow blow, to get this deal? If he was so good, he would not have got dropped off YMCMB label.

  • AHK

    yes kudos to the yung bro otcheer doin his thang HAPPY 4 EM……I MIGHT ACTUALLY WATCH THE SHOW NOW!!!

  • tony steele

    hell no, get somebody with a real life