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Would You Kiss Your Teen Son On The Lips? Ask Will Smith! (Video)


Will_Jaden_Smith_After_Earth_PremiereA video release of an interview with father and son, Will Smith and Jaden Smith is causing a bit of controversy this week. During an interview with the acting duo on The Woody Show, Will kisses son on lips jokingly but has managed to cause a stir and disapproval by many. Check out the video below, at the 4:49 mark, and tell us what you think.

Although parents kissing their relatively grown children on the lips is not unheard of it, to some it may be deemed inappropriate. What are your thoughts CK readers? And why do you feel the way you do?


About Author

  • NicolaGossips

    We have a real problem with showing affection in our community. It’s a shame. Normal families hug and kiss. Fathers should kiss their sons.

  • yazmar

    We living in a new world

  • Annemarie

    A bit yucky if you ask me…. poor jaden cringed..