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Rihanna Confirms Being Dumped By Chris Brown?!


Rihanna_Chris_Brown_Confirm_BreakupJust yesterday, reports emerged suggesting that it was Chris Brown who ended his relationship with Rihanna the second time around.

Although the singer confirmed they were done back in May, he only indicated he thought he was too young to be in a serious relationship. After yesterday’s reports, we did some investigating of our own and discovered that back in May Rihanna may have also confirmed that, yes, she had been dumped by Brown when she favorited these tweets.

Rihanna_Confirms_Chris_Brown_Breakup_TweetsIn case you’re wondering, Rihanna’s zodiac sign is a Pisces and Chris is a Taurus. Perhaps, trying to make her “bad boy” change made the relationship go south.

And just two days ago, Chris Brown also favorited a tweet indicating this may be the end of the once believed recaptured love. He agreed with a tweet stating Rihanna is happier without him and should move on with her life.

Chris_Brown_Says_Rihanna_Is_Happier_Without_Him_TweetWe wish them the best.


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