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Beyonce Shares Photo With Blue Ivy In Hot Tub!


Beyonce_Blue_Ivy_Hot_TubA few days ago, proud mama Beyonce shared this above photo of herself and 1 year old daughter, Blue Ivy, in a jacuzzi on her official Tumblr page. The baby girl seemed to have fallen asleep on her momma’s chest while Bey takes in the moment.

Although the photo has raised some eyebrows about the 1 year old being in the hot tub with her mom, we think, this is just a precious moment between mother and daughter.

What are your thoughts?


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  • Spilldabeanz.com

    Im sure she adjusted the temperature, because those tubs be hottt!!

  • monkeysuit

    Are babies supposed to be in a hot tub?

  • Ciera Chantál

    Cute picture. I love when we get to see Blue Ivy.

  • MrsGrapevine

    There’s always something isn’t it, and someone always has something to say.

  • NicolaGossips

    NOPE! But it makes such a beautiful picture so it doesn’t matter! I wonder, did Jay-Z take it or her personal photographer/videographer?