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Snooki Becomes A Music Manager With Own Management Company


Jersey Shore Snooki

Snooki wants to help in finding the next pop star. The former ‘Jersey Shore’ star and television personality reveals, “Basically, I decided to give a couple of artists the chance to get out there and get noticed in hopes of getting signed and basically have their dreams come true,” during a recent interview with E! News.

“That’s basically what Team Snooki Music is, just helping them with my networking and Twitter, Facebook and just trying to get them out there because I think they have great talent,” she added. “One of our artists, AdELA, we are doing a concert for her in Miami this Friday so I’m really excited about it.”

On her new artist Snooki adds, “I actually found her on Twitter. I just loved her music. Her music is basically fun music. It’s something you are going to hear in the club, like party music. So I love that because obviously I love party music and just her whole look is so awesome. She’s skinny, she’s hot, she’s pretty. I mean, I feel like she has the whole package so I was like, I want to help you out.”

On wanting to become a profession singing competition judge she adds, “That’s always the hope, if I can make someone’s dream come true. Right now, I just want to help them get out there as much as possible. Even if it’s not to be huge, just to get their names out there. They have the dream and I want to help.”

“I’m obsessed with The X Factor and I love Simon and would do anything to host that show,” she stated.

I’ll admit, having Snooki serve as guest judge to Simon Cowell on The X Factor would certainly be entertaining, don’t you think?



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  • Annemarie

    Please say it isn’t so, what the heck does Snooki know about music???

  • monkeysuit

    What? Please tell me this is a joke. You can just decide to be a music manager without any prior experience?