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Is Star Jones & Mo’Nique Feuding? Star Addresses Rumors!


Star_Jones_Monique_FeudAfter Mo’Nique‘s amazing 85 lbs weight loss recently, rumors emerged that Star Jones made some not so nice comments about the comedian and actress and just how she feels Mo’Nique really lost weight. According to those claims, Jones insinuated Mo may have gone under the knife like she did years ago in order to lose the pounds.

Well, not so fast. Star Jones would like to debunk those rumors and she’s mad as hell too. The television personality recently tweeted, “Whoever this #StrawberryBlunt is a DAMN LIAR. I have NEVER said anything as foul as this BS story about my DEAR FRIEND Mo’Nique.”

Head over to Yazmar.com for the full rant.


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  • kia soto

    wow i would hope the hate was not that bad but u never no

  • TD

    Rumors are spread just to cause fights among celebs and keep tabloids afloat. Most celebs today will give their opinions on reputable outlets and msg them on social media without hesitation.