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Michael Douglas Blames Oral Sex For Throat Cancer!



Michael Douglas is sharing his revelation on how he thinks he got throat cancer a couples years ago.

Get this, he says oral sex is responsible for his 2010 medical condition.

In an article published on The Guardian newspaper published, Monday morning, Douglas says the disease came from a virus called cunnilingus. A virus he says he contracted by performing oral sex on women.

Since his new revelation, the actor has since been ridiculed on his findings. There is no known medical proof to confirm these claims.

Thankfully, after undergoing chemotherapy the 68 year old actor was able to overcome the disease.

We wonder what his wife and actress Catherine Zeta-Jones thinks about this.

Zeta-Jones was recently admitted to a wellness facility for Bipolar disorder. She has since been released.



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  • Kia

    Wow i do not know what to say sad oral sex cancer smh