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Janet Jackson Suffers Meltdown On First Class Flight To LA!



Janet Jackson has proven, once again, that the Jackson’s are not normal.

Aboard a British Airways flight from London to Los Angeles, Janet freaked out and began cleaning incessantly because she felt the fight wasn’t properly cleaned. It seems Ms. Jackson is a germaphobe.

Onlookers included Victoria Beckham as she witnessed the super star have an anxiety attack over the “germ” infested area.

For more on Janet’s meltdown head over to SpillDaBeanz.com.


About Author

  • Annemarie

    OMG what a spoiled brat. What is wrong with celebs, it makes me ill when they behave this way. I guess she will just have to get her billionaire husband to hire a private jet for her from now on….

  • Twana Tells

    Wow I would have paid good money to see that meltdown lol