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Miguel May Get Sued For Billbaord Awards Drop Kick On Fan


Miguel_Crowd_Jump_Fail_Billboard_AwardsPoor Miguel! Remember when he dropped kicked a fan in the head at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards?! Of course you do, how could you forget?!

Well, she didn’t forget it either. Khyati Shah may be planning on suing the “Adorn” singer.

Shah’s attorney, Vip Bhola, recently spoke to E! News revealing that his client had been in “shock and star struck” during the post interview following the accident where Shah had laughed it off. He also reveals that a decision will be made soon about whether to file a lawsuit against Miguel pending medical results.


Although we sympathize with Ms. Shah and we’re pretty sure that kick was serious and hurt a lot, it’s clear she may now be seeing dollar signs.

Good luck Miguel.


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  • yazmar

    Sadly its all about the money here smh

  • Annemarie

    OMG I don’t think he should be sued. I doubt he meant it, it was an honest mistake……

  • monkeysuit

    Had to know that was coming.