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Tyler Perry Donates $100,000 To Ohio School Scholarship Program!


Tyler-PerryGood deed of the day goes to producer, writer and actor Tyler Perry!

Apart from building a movie, television and production empire, Tyler Perry is also a generous philanthropist.

Perry has just donated $100K to Ohio school Finland Middle School, on Friday, after seeing a television report about teacher Mary Mulvany starting a foundation for scholarship funding.

According to the Grio, “South-Western schools earned national attention when athletics and extra-curricular activities were eliminated after a failed levy in 2009. The ballot request was later approved by voters, and sports, clubs and other activities were resurrected for a fee.

Perry says he wants to sponsor as many children as possible and wants part of the money to go toward Finland and some to the foundation.”

Well done Mr. Perry!


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    That’s wassup TP always good to give back!