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Kanye West Prevented From Filming “New Slaves” Video On George Bush Monument!


Kanye_West_New_Slaves_World_PremiereWith his new album, ‘Yeezus’, due out on June eighteenth, Kanye West must really think he’s equivalent to Jesus when he tried to film his “New Slaves” visual on the George Bush monument in Houston.

It’s no secret Kanye doesn’t think much of the Bushes. He accused former president George W. Bush of not liking black people around the time of Hurricane Katrina and his delay in responding to the helpless people. In fact, when asked about the most difficult time in his presidency Bush also referenced West’s statements as being his most trying time, awkwardly enough.

According to the Houston Chronicles, “Whatever Kanye West wanted to happen Friday night in Houston — didn’t. The superstar rapper’s plan was to project a new song and visual on the Rothko Chapel, Central Library downtown and the George Bush Monument. He announced it earlier today via Twitter.

Houston police shut down the “Yeezus” revival at Rothko.”

Following shut down of the production, the crowd that had gathered was forced to dispersed.

Upon debuting his visual across several buildings around the world, Kanye has done a great job of stirring controversy but also building up anticipation for the new album.

We can’t to see what else the release will bring leading up to its release date. Fellow rapper J. Cole has even thrown his hat in the ring squaring up against West for the same release date. Now, this should be interesting.



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  • NicolaGossips

    It was a brilliant stunt, but he shouldn’t have “scheduled” more screenings. I wish he would release the single.