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Kanye West Promises To Be A Better Person For His Late Mom!



Kanye West is trying to be the best Kanye he can be. On his official Facebook Page the rapper promises his late mom he’ll do better from here on out.

R.I.P MOM, I miss you so much. Having you in my life was just a blessing, you were there for me when nobody wasn’t.” writes Kanye. “You supported me all the way up onto my success and you were just………unbelievably great in my eyes and the eyes of many that knew you. My success seems to be going to a down fall because of the way media portrays me but I swear If I could choose then I would be the way I was when you were still in my life, I just can’t handle the fact that you’ve gone. Although you’re in a better place now, I’m going to strive to make you proud even when you’re not here with me. I want you to look down on me and say “I’m proud of you”. Starting from today I’m going to change my ways to make you happy. RIP MOM!”

Perhaps also becoming a father soon has encouraged the artist to make some changes. Do you believe Kanye will change for the better?

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