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Jay Z Dismiss Pregnancy Rumors, Beyonce NOT Pregnant!



You can all stop wondering how far along Beyonce is and what the sex of her baby will be. Why’s that? It’s simple, she’s NOT pregnant!

The singer was prematurely reported as being pregnant by a number of media outlets, last week, and her husband and rapper, Jay Z, would like to put those rumors to bed.

On the Hot 97 radio morning show, this morning, host Ebro made the announcement that the rapper debunked pregnancy rumors upon sending his congrats.

The host announced, “I emailed [Jay Z] on some congratulations, send my love to the family, blah, blah, blah. He emailed me back and said it’s not true.”

According to Ebro the e-mail response read, “It’s not true. The news is worse than blogs.”

The singer have yet to respond to all the baby rumors. Guess, we jumped the gun.

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