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Rihanna Responds To Rumors She’s Dating Basketball Player J. R. Smith, Snaps At Instagram User!


Rihanna_Responds_To_Dating_J_R_Smith_RumorsSince last year, rumors emerged suggesting Rihanna and J.R. Smith had dated at some point before reuniting with Chris Brown. Those same rumors emerged again after the two were spotted at the same club following, yet another, Rihanna and Chris Brown breakup.

Now, Rihanna is finally addressing those rumors after an accuser blamed her for the basketball player’s lackluster performance in the NBA playoffs. Here’s what she had to say…

Rihanna_Denies_Dating_J_R_SmithOuch! Gotta love Rihanna.

This isn’t the first she’s done much of the same after someone insulted one of her family members on Instagram. She humiliated the girl by comparing her to a goat. The Instagram user have since deleted her account.


(Photo: Instagram/FameFlynet Pictures)

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  • MrsGrapevine

    What did JR Smith do to her? That response was a little loaded with JR Smith rage. Did he kiss and tell, or even worse not kiss but still telling.

  • Ms. Toni

    @Mrsgrapevine funny that you said that. Was just having a conversation about her comments and someone said much of the same of what you wrote. Clearly he pissed her off somehow. smh. Lol

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