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Erica Dixon & Lil’ Scrappy Break Up? Scrappy Brings Buckeey As His Date To Event!



It looks like things didn’t work out quite well for Lil’ Scrappy and Erica Dixon. The engagement may even be off. Well, that’s according to recent rumors and an appearance by Scrappy and ex Shay Johnson at Atlanta’s Project 13 event, Monday night.

According to the Hip Hop Gossip Site, “Shay Johnson and Scrappy tried to fool everyone by showing up in separate cars. First, Shay walked down the red carpet, then Erica Dixon. Erica and her entourage avoided Shay at all times, even to the point where journalists, and photographers started talking about her on how she wouldn’t interview or take pictures with anyone”.

But the shenanigans didn’t end there.

Also according to the site an eyewitness reveals, “Scrappy was a gentleman and waited for Erica to leave then made his way on to the red carpet to take pictures. At the end of the red carpet was Shay, and from there the two were both all smiles for the rest of the event. At one point, the two took a moment for themselves in the corner for some alone time. Shay took to the mic and said hello to the celebrities and people in the building as well as stated, “Scrappy is around here somewhere also…Love You.”

Could this all be a ploy to keep tongues wagging while the current season of “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” is under wraps?

Well, maybe, but we think these two may very well be back together.

For more photos head over to Hip Hop Gossip Site.


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  • DivaWhispers

    I’m sick and tired of these celebrities and the women that let them do it. tomorrow he will be with Erica …smh

  • Lala

    smh the scandal! this is just too much!!! Scrappy need to let go of bucktooth and get back with someone who genuinely cares!!

  • her

    i honestly think scraapy and erica broke up a long time ago…. and he is now with shay and that wont

  • Ciera Chantál

    He prbly is with Shay. Erica should move on and get a real man, one who doesn’t like to play all the games.

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    Erica truly loves scrappy and that’s why she keeps giving him chance after chance. When the two women get sick and tired of being sick and tired then one will exit and wont come back. Him and Erica have a child together so they have to maintain some kind of relationship. Just as mimi had said that she had stevie had to find a common ground because they had to co parent. Shay you need to detox from Scrappy’s D—– and don’t keep allowing him to use like a rag when you get through with it you put it in the dirty linen basket. Erica you are gorgeous and you can find someone who will cherish and love you and wont have sex with the other woman six days before he proposes.