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Chris Brown Has Advice For Cranky Neighbors Over Graffiti Artwork



No more Mr. Nice Guy! Chris Brown has had about enough with people “picking” on him. The singer has got some advice for neighbors who are complaining over graffiti artwork he painted on his Los Angeles home recently.

In fact, the ‘Associated Press’ recently wrote an article detailing the neighbors’ complaints and tweeted, “Chris Brown’s neighbor on his art: “There are lots of babies, lots of children, and they’re literally frightened”, with a link to the story. The title reads, “Chris Brown’s Scary Curbside Art Irks LA Neighbors”

After retweeting the story by AP, the 24 year old fired back with a tweet of his own. He wrote, “Keep em inside then! It’s art. There are scarier creatures on Harry potter. Get a f**king life!”

He then followed up with “”Lords of dogtown”is how I live my life. #Free ima paint until my hands fall off.”

Do you think the singer was right for firing back at complaints from his neighbors or should he have ignored the comments?

Find out more about Chris Brown’s disgruntled neighbors and their complaints when you head over to the Associated Press.


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