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Keyshia Cole Momma Frankie Says She Was Bored When She Dissed Beyonce & Michelle Williams of “Destiny’s Child”!



Keyshia Cole’s momma Frankie Lyons is at it again. While at the season 2 premiere party for “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” with WRUG Media Group, in Atlanta, Frankie showed up and showed out! She speaks on Keyshia’s ‘Destiny’s Child’ Superbowl performance and criticism of Michelle Williams. She comes to her defense while apologizing to the group. Here’s some of what she had to say.

In theatrical fashion Frankie also introducing her new artist, and talks about putting her “paws” on Keyshia haters.

On introducing herself when the host asked how she was doing, Frankie says, “I’m chillin’ like a villan. Hangin’ around like wallpaper….” -_-

On her daughter’s comment dissing Michelle Williams of ‘Destiny’s Child’ during their Superbowl performance:
“Keyshia….sometimes she gets bored. She didn’t mean no harm. Actually it was a compliment cause Michelle did keep up. Shout out to Michelle, Beyonce, [turns to ask radio host] “And what’s the other one’s name?” Frankie then responds to her own question, “These nuts!!!”

Now back to Keyshia:
“Shout out to ‘Destiny’s Child’. Keyshia didn’t mean no harm. You just gotta give her the benefit of the doubt. She’s married. Sometimes she gets bored. She has her Kodak moments but when she say something negative that means it’s positive. That’s how she role.”

She continues with…
“Shout out to her Libra (Keyshia’s zodiac sign). The scale got unbalanced.”

The hilarity!

Head over to Yazmar to watch the hilarious footage.

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