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Rob Kardashian Officially Charged With Battery & Theft For Photographer’s Claims



Rob Kardashian is battling more than the bulge these days. A female photographer has accused him of battery and theft during a recent altercation.

The photographer claims Rob attacked her and stole her camera equipment during a spat back in March, reports TMZ. She filed paperwork, last month, accusing the reality star of taking the equipment and getting aggressive with her after she snapped shirtless photos of him while at a West Hollywood gym.

On the attack, Rob did respond to the allegations and stated that the photographer trespassed on private property to snap the photos and didn’t have the right to do so.

We’re guessing Rob didn’t want those photos being printed. It’s no secret he’s gained a considerable amount of weight and feels embarrassed about it.

Do you think Rob was right for lashing out on the photographer?



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