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Ciara Is Still Talking About Rihanna, If She’ll Marry Future & Working With Nicki Minaj On The Wendy Show


Ciara_Wendy_Show_Interview_Video_CottenKandiCiara visited The Wendy Show earlier today to discuss her latest musical projects and upcoming album ‘Ciara’. She also dishes on boyfriend Future.

When Wendy jokes about Ciara and Future dating for a while without the public finding out the singer answers jokingly, “Step ya’ll game up.” [laughs]

On how she met Future…
“We actually talked about working with each other several times on the phone and then we finally got a chance to work on the album from there….we did a good amount of songs together.”

On if she’s getting married since getting Future’s initial tattoo on her left ring finger…
“I don’t know.” [laughs]

On the tattoo if they don’t get married she says…
“I’ve always been private and to myself and half way about something when I speak about a relationship. And in this day in my life I’m so comfortable in my skin and I feel so good about where I am and I’m very confident and comfortable with the way he loves me. So I say that to say that I’m gonna put that in the universe positive things and I’m gonna put in the universe that it’s gonna only get better and better and better.”

On Being Friends With Nicki Minaj…
“We don’t even talk everyday but I feel like she and I have a really cool connection with each other…. We have a really cool chemistry together.”

On Kim Kardashian…
“We don’t talk like we use to talk….but everything is cool. Every time she and I see each other it’s all love. Everything is cool we just don’t talk the way we use to everyday.”

On feuding with Rihanna
“I’ve said all I needed to say about her. I’m totally in a different space. It’s all positive and love from my perspective and I just wish her well.”

Check out their interview below.


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  • Nesha

    I watched it this morning with my mom and she was alllll pro-Ciara until she heard about the ‘beef’ with Rihanna. She completely snapped on the poor girl through the TV and it was hilarious.

  • MrsGrapevine

    I hope she gets positive things in return, too. Don’t reveal too much, pull back just a tad.

  • Twana Tells

    Ciara is pretty

  • Haha!!! Everybody loves some badgal Riri. Lol!

  • kia soto

    ciara is so extra