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Hot 97 DJ Mister Cee Address Arrest For Soliciting A Male Prostitute, Says “I’m Not Gay”



If you haven’t already heard, Hot 97 DJ Mister Cee was, once again, arrested for soliciting a male prostitute over the weekend. Early Monday morning, the DJ of the popular New York City radio station took to the airwaves to address the arrest and claims he is gay.

Of questions regarding his sexuality Cee says, “I am not gay.”

“People have accused me of being gay for probably ten years now. I don’t care what people think.” he stated while on air with co-workers Peter Rosenberg, Cipha Sounds, Ebro, and K Foxx of the Cipha Sounds & Rosenberg morning show.

On his third arrest for soliciting a male prostitute Cee wanted to clear the air on what actually happened. He says, “I was approached by a female undercover cop.”

He then went on to say the original story reported by The New York Daily News initially stated that the undercover officer, who made the arrest, had actually been a woman. The story was then changed to say it had been a man.

Things then got a bit tense when Ebro and Rosenberg noted that the area where Cee had been arrested is known for soliciting transgender prostitutes.

He stated it was just “dumb luck” that he had been in that particular area.

On why he continues to engage in illegal activity and solicit prostitues he adds, “I have an addiction to not only prostitution. I have an addiction to getting the quickie.”

He also admits that he regularly solicit female prostitutes and strippers for sex but doesn’t seek out men or transvestites.

He also notes that he is a supporter of the gay community but that he, himself, isn’t homosexual.

Mister Cee was arrested back in 2011 for the same offense with a 20 year old male prostitute. Although he initially stated the report was false, he later plead guilty, he felt, in order to protect his family and the radio station.


The DJ is currently suspended, at his own will, from his radio show duties. No further word on what will happen to his position at the station at this time.

You may listen to the interview below

Source: All Hip Hop


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  • Yazmar

    Wow what a liar!!!!!!!! He gay as they come…Just another homosexual black man in denial smfh